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Urban Caves


How many cabins have you installed?

Over 40. We have been installing a competitor's kitset cabin (imported from Estonia) and our own cabin (made in Australia) since 2015.

How long does the installation take?

One week. Other trades and adverse weather may cause delays.

Can a garden shed have plumbing?

Yes. You can have plumbing in a garden shed. Any plumbing needs to be for purposes relating to the reasonable use of a garden shed. A toilet and hand washing sink are popular. The need for a shower in a garden shed is debatable. If you're working in the garden you may wish to have a shower before you go into your main house. Or if you've just had a swim in your pool you may wish to have a shower to wash the chlorine off your body. Remember that these are low impact developments, not to be occupied frequently or for extended periods, and any use should not cause a nuisance to any neighbour. They are not habitable and should not be lived in.

Can a garden shed have electrical?

Yes. You can have electrical in a garden shed. You might want to consider lighting, extraction fan, power points, and an external socket.  The ceiling cavity space meets legal requirements for LED down lights.

Can I have a water tank without talking to council?

Yes if you meet the exempt development requirements.

Depending on your circumstances, these may apply:

  • Not have a capacity of more than 10,000 litres.
  • Be located at least 450mm from each lot boundary if the tank has a height of more than 1.8m above existing ground level.

Can access be a problem?

No. Our cabins are prefabricated into small pieces that we carry manually onto the site.

What do you put the cabin on?

Steel stirrups concreted into the ground. LVL bearers and LVL joists.

What is the payment arrangement?

The first 40% secures the installation date. The second 40% is due 2 weeks before installation. The remaining 20% is due on completion.

Is the cabin weatherproof?

Yes. The roof is designed to be installed at a 1 degree pitch. The hidden clip system means that no screws penetrate the roof surface.