From $26,000 Fully Installed

From $26,000 Fully Installed

From $26,000 Fully InstalledFrom $26,000 Fully InstalledFrom $26,000 Fully Installed

No Council Approval Required

The Darley 20 (The Original)

This is our best selling product. The Darley 20 takes advantage of generous NSW exempt development legislation that allows people to install a 20m2 garden shed without talking to council. Most people have a variety of uses for their garden sheds. Many things have been created and invented in sheds over the years. Commonly a private retreat away from people to think, to dream, to work on projects etc. You can have plumbing and electrical for reasonable uses inline with a garden shed.

The Darley 13

With the same depth as the Darley 20 (3.6m) this cabin simply brings in the side wall reducing the width from 5.4m to 3.6m. These cabin dimensions are preferred for smaller gardens, to fit between established trees, or to reduce the excavation required on sloping blocks.

The Darley 9

The Darley 9 is a scaled down version of the Darley 20 with similar proportions. With the same ceiling height as others in the Darley range there is still room for storage up high. It's a comfortable space for a single person to rest, work, dream and create. This could be your cosy little garden escape that's easy to clean and quick to heat.

The Bypass 9

The original Caravan by Urban Caves. Identical to the Darley 9 in dimensions, we've simply added a registered trailer so that it is fully mobile. The Bypass 9 is a versatile asset that is habitable, relocatable and ownership is transferable.

Watch this space for our growing Bypass range.

No Approval Required

Thousands of NSW residents are taking advantage of NSW legislation that allows for minor building works to be carried out without planning or building approval.

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(By appointment) We have a display cabin in Darley Street, Katoomba and a pre-fabrication yard and workshop in Megalong Street, Katoomba.

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Display Cabin

Our display cabin is viewable by appointment. We also have occasional open mornings on Saturdays that are advertised on our Facebook page. 

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