The Getaway 5: A secure & insulated micro shelter with beds & toilet

The Getaway 6 was initially developed as a minimalistic homeless shelter. It needed to be secure and insulated with a toilet. It needed to be legal so we put it on a registered trailer so it's classed as a caravan in accordance with NSW exempt development legislation. It also needed to be affordable so we've kept the start price to $8,500 excluding a toilet and have become a retail partner with Skye finance for those that want to pay it off over time.

Since it's inception our 3 prototypes have generated a lot of interest from a variety of people. It is now seen as a versitile solution - a home office, music studio, gaming room, guest room, meeting room, break room, first aid station, event viewing booth, and even a bird hide, but also a grab and go getaway trailer that can be connected to small cars such as hatchbacks at short notice by people with little towing experience for a road trip.

Included as Standard

Overall Length including drawbar: 4.4m

Overall Width including Trim and indicators: 1.7m (Similar to most vehicles to reduce wind drag)

Overall Height including Trailer: 2.2m (Similar to a van with an angled front to reduce wind drag)

Cabin Dimensions: 3.4m x 1.7m

Roof Dimensions: 4.4m x 1.7m

Floor Area: ~5.5m2

Roof Area: ~7.5m2

  • Trailer - Single axle non-braked with a 750kg limit, towable by most cars
  • Construction - Timber framing, corro cladding, ply lining, bolted to trailer
  • Flooring - 15mm structural plywood
  • Framing timber - 70x35mm treated pine
  • Colorbond - with your choice of 22 colours
  • Cedar - Shiplap Western Red Cedar Feature Entrance
  • Door - custom made timber frame door with cedar
  • Internal Wall - creates a space for a composting toilet or storage
  • Window - Polar Eco-View awning window double glazed (1545mm x 600mm)
  • Insect Screen - Removable window screen
  • Internal lining - 9mm ply panelwood V groove
  • Internal trim - pine DAR around all edges
  • Insulation Batts - in floor, walls & ceiling
  • Roofing blanket - additional insulation  under roof
  • Wall Wrap - breathable membrane wrap
  • Cantilevered roof - with colorbond underside
  • Additional WindowsElectrical - Prewired for mains and 12 volt power connection
  • Delivery - Anywhere in NSW

Optional Extras


Dimensions: HotTap outdoor shower 

  • Supplier - Joolco
  • Product - Hottap
  • Curtain Rail - Around awning
  • Plumbing - pipework, shower head & mixer

Composting Toilet

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 546mm high and 475 mm deep

  • Supplier - Natures Head
  • Product - Self Contained Composting Toilet
  • Comfort - Moulded seat
  • Rugged - Marine quality secured to floor
  • Eco-friendly - This system is waterless
  • Self Contained - Does not require holding tank under floor
  • Odourless - 12 volt extraction fan and externally vented
  • Separation - Solids and liquids are stored separately (men must sit down to pee)
  • Electrical - Includes 12 volt cable / adaptor
  • Peat Moss - 2 x Coir-Peat Brick
  • Cleaner Spray - 1 x 500ml Spray Bottle of Compost Toilet Cleaner Stimulant
  • Easy to clean - Easy to clean 


Pricing includes installation