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Urban Caves


The Megalong Range - Modern & Affordable Tiny Houses

Safety: Fred’s Tiny House Trailer & Unified Construction Method - It’s a Tiny House Vehicle!

Customisable: Open floor plan and removable trim and internal linings make DIY a breeze.

Affordable: Designed to minimise material wastage and installation time to deliver cost efficiencies.

Access: Lower overall height reduces potential complications with bridges, powerlines & branches.

Parking: Long vehicles (7.5m or longer) must not stop in a built up area in NSW for longer than 1hr.

Included as Standard

Overall Length including drawbar: 7.4m (Trailers over 7.5m can not park on streets for more than 1 hour)

Overall Width including Trim and indicators: 2.5m (Legal limit without permits / police escorts)

Overall Height including Trailer: 3.7m (Legal limit is 4.3m. Consider branches, power lines and bridges)

Cabin Dimensions: 6m x 2.4m

Deck Dimensions:  1.4m x 2.4m

Roof Dimensions: 7.4m x 2.4m

Floor Area: 14.4m2

Roof Area: 17.76m2

  • Trailer - Fred's Tiny House Trailer
  • Construction - Patented Unified Construction Method
  • Flooring - Structaflor Yellow Tongue 19mm particle board flooring
  • Framing timber - 70x45mm treated pine
  • Colorbond - with your choice of 22 colours
  • Cedar - Shiplap Western Red Cedar Feature Entrance
  • Door - Hume Savoy door with frosted glass
  • Window - Polar Eco-View awning window double glazed (1545mm x 600mm)
  • Insect Screen - Removable window screen
  • Internal lining - 9mm ply panelwood V groove
  • Internal trim - pine DAR around all edges
  • Insulation Batts - in floor, walls & ceiling
  • Roofing blanket - additional insulation  under roof
  • Wall Wrap - breathable membrane wrap
  • Cantilevered roof - with colorbond underside
  • Deck - Ekodeck with choice of 3 colours
  • Electrical - Power Points & LED Downlights
  • Delivery - Anywhere in NSW

Optional Extras

Hume Alfresco Multifold Entrance System

Frame Dimensions: 2145mm (height) x 2235mm (width)

Door Dimensions: 720mm (width)

Number of Doors: 3

  • Laminated Glass - for safety during transit
  • Hume Doors & Timber is Australian owned

Queen Size Loft Bed & Staircase

Dimensions: 2240mm x 1530mm x 115mm

Height Under: 1500mm

Height Over: 785mm

  • Height Adjustable: Easily changed by us or DIY
  • Framing Timber: Laminated Vaneer Lumber (LVL)
  • Top Side Layer - 15mm structural plywood
  • Underside Lining - 9mm ply panelwood V groove

Internal Wall

Internal Dimensions: 2240mm x 900mm or Custom

Wall Dimensions: 770mm / 810mm  / 660mm or Custom

Dimensions suit: Shower Unit / Door / Toilet respectively.

  • Framing Timber - 70x45mm treated pine
  • Lining - 9mm ply panelwood V groove
  • Sliding door - hung externally as a barn door


Dimensions: 900mm x 765mm x 1870mm (Height)

  • Supplier - Impact Bathrooms
  • Product - SE12 Shower Enclosure
  • Leakproof - One piece construction
  • Compact - three sided enclosure
  • Soap Holder - Fully moulded 1083mm from floor
  • Curtain Rail - Comes standard
  • Plumbing - pipework, shower head & mixer

"This is the deluxe version of our three sided enclosure, and includes a fully moulded corner soap holder and a high step entry to allow use as a hip bath." - Source:

Composting Toilet

Dimensions: 450mm wide x 546mm high and 475 mm deep

  • Supplier - Natures Head
  • Product - Self Contained Composting Toilet
  • Comfort - Moulded seat
  • Rugged - Marine quality secured to floor
  • Eco-friendly - This system is waterless
  • Self Contained - Does not require holding tank under floor
  • Odourless - 12 volt extraction fan and externally vented
  • Separation - Solids and liquids are stored separately (men must sit down to pee)
  • Electrical - Includes 12 volt cable / adaptor
  • Peat Moss - 2 x Coir-Peat Brick
  • Cleaner Spray - 1 x 500ml Spray Bottle of Compost Toilet Cleaner Stimulant
  • Easy to clean - Easy to clean 

Additional Windows

Height: 600mm

Width: 1545mm or 600mm

  • Colour: Black
  • Wall: Short (not facing boundary) or Long (not facing boundary) or Custom (any wall)
  • Alignment: Centred (Between walls) or Custom (at least 200mm in from side wall)
  • Height: Low (Sill just above desk height) or High (Top level with top of door)
  • Coordination - we liaise with your plumber in the lead up to and during installation

Megalong 15 | From $40,000

NSW Exempt Development Legislation

No council approval required - conditions apply


NSW Legislation

Local Government (Manufactured Home Estates, Caravan Parks, Camping Grounds and Moveable Dwellings) Regulation 2005

Part 3: Caravan parks, camping grounds and moveable dwellings

Division 2: Approvals and exemptions

Subdivision 3: Installation of moveable dwellings elsewhere than in caravan parks or camping grounds

77 Conditional exemptions

The prior approval of the council is not required for—

  • (a)  the installation of not more than 2 caravans, campervans or tents on any land, so long as they are not occupied for more than 2 days at a time and are not occupied for more than 60 days (in total) in any single period of 12 months, or
  • (b)  the installation of not more than one caravan or campervan on land occupied by the owner of the caravan or campervan in connection with that owner’s dwelling-house, so long as it is used for habitation only by the owner or by members of the owner’s household and is maintained in a safe and healthy condition, or
  • (c)  the installation of a caravan or campervan on pastoral or agricultural land, so long as it is merely occupied seasonally by persons employed in pastoral or agricultural operations on the land, or
  • (d)  the installation of any moveable dwelling and associated structure on land for the purposes of accommodating a person who has been displaced because of a bush fire, but only if the moveable dwelling or associated structure is maintained in a healthy and safe condition and removed within 2 years after it is installed.

Urban Caves reads this as:

  • You can install 2 caravans on your land and they can only be occupied for 2 days at a time and a maximum of 60 days per year. It could be bare land, there may be a house on the land, the land may or may not be occupied by anyone.
  • You can install 1 caravan on your land if the owner of the caravan occupies the land. Any member/s of the household can live in the caravan.
  • Urban Caves defines 'members of a household' as people who know one another that share internal or external living areas ie not tourists.
  • Caravans must be capable of being, but need not be, registered.

Definition of a caravan (from within the above legislation document):

caravan means a moveable dwelling that is designed so as to be capable of being registered (within the meaning of the Road Transport Act 2013) as a trailer, but does not include a camper trailer.

Definition of household (Australian Census):

An occupied caravan on a residential allotment is usually treated as an occupied private dwelling. The exception to this is where there are one or more other structures on the allotment and the occupants of the caravan are residents of the main dwelling. In this case the occupants are all classed as one household and the caravan is counted as an additional room of the main dwelling.

Site Preparation

We can coordinate your site preparation!

Site Preparation

You don't need to feel overwhelmed about preparing your site for a Tiny Home. We're here to help.

Usually, site preparation can be carried out as exempt development without the need for council approval. For example, in NSW you can build a 600mm high retaining wall as exempt development.

The key things to consider before you order your tiny home:

  • Access assessment - low branches, powerlines, bridges, widths & turning circles
  • Site identification - location, orientation, slope, utilities, privacy, neighbours
  • Site clearance - demolition, rubbish removal, garden clearance, arborist work
  • Excavation - slope, bedrock, tree stumps, utilities, maintain caravan access
  • Retaining walls - height, length, maintain caravan access

Blue Mountains Residents

If you live within 1 hour of Katoomba we offer free site inspections and free site preparation quotes.

Other NSW Residents

With your help, we can provide you with a free site inspection without coming to your site. If you can provide us with images and video footage of where you're thinking of having a tiny home delivered, we can make an assessment from that media as well as other information we can gather such as Google Maps satelite images, Google Street View images, interactive property mapping tools, and Dial Before You Dig utility plans.

We see Site Preparation support as one of the key areas to our future success so we'll be revising and improving this information as and when we can. Please feel free to get in touch and let us know how we can help you better.